Zoom Integration

Connect With Your Members in Real-Time With Zoom Integration

Our Zoom integration makes it easier than ever to serve your clients remotely morning, noon, and night.

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Manage your entire business with a complete set of features bundled into one intuitive, responsive platform.

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Reach Your Members Anywhere

Schedule individual or group sessions to meet with your members for check-ins, classes, training, and more. Control how your members access sessions (and whether sessions are free or paid for) through your admin dashboard. All that’s required to get started is a basic Zoom account!

Did You Know?

  • Zoom can be used from any device
  • Zoom hosts over 12 million monthly active users
  • Zoom can display up to 4 faces at a time on mobile devices and 49 faces on desktop
  • Zoom accommodates up to 100 participants on its free plan and 1,000 participants on its paid plan

Reach More Members More Often

These days, consumers expect a large online presence from the businesses they support, and the fitness industry is no exception. Appeal to a larger audience and keep your members’ need for convenience top of mind.

Reach More Members

Easily Schedule and Edit Video Sessions

With our Zoom video integration, it’s easy to turn any session into a video meeting. Create new session offerings, or update existing ones, to include a Zoom link using the Schedule tab in your dashboard.

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Manage Attendee Permissions

You’ll have the ability to define who can attend your Zoom sessions based on your visibility preferences. Sessions may be joinable for everyone, members only, or only members who have also booked a particular session. You can update your preferences anytime!

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Membership Management

Prioritise Convenience

Our Zoom integration won’t just connect you with more members – it will save them a lot of time, too! Offering an online alternative to traditionally in-house training or classes will serve your members the benefits of your brand from the comfort of their home. The added convenience is a great incentive for members to engage with you at a higher frequency.

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Expand Opportunity

Maximise your efforts and increase your reach by opening up your service offerings to online members. Not only will a Zoom integration host the high-quality experiences your members are used to, but your business will benefit from the opportunity to expand class sizes, offer more frequent training, and get creative with your online engagement.

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