Package Sales and Attendance

Boost Retention & Track Sales with Custom Packages & Memberships

Easily create, bundle, and sell popular package offerings to clients for purchase in-house or online. Define packages that appeal to your gym or facility’s demographic and track sales conversions. Take your data one step further and see which sessions steal the show with attendance tracking!

Every Tool You Need

Manage your entire business with a complete set of features bundled into one intuitive, responsive platform.

Unique Packages

Make it easy for your clients to engage with your facility. Create custom package bundles that will appeal to their interests. Opt for single or unlimited session packages and session types.

Convenient Options

Sell packages when and where your clients want them. Offer individual, monthly, or post-billed packages. Use our Self-Service feature to allow clients to shop for and purchase packages online.

Looking for More?

Lets Talk about how we can customise our software to fit your business needs.

Group Perks

Boost retention and foster community with group packages. Encourage friends and families to support one another in their goals. Enable groups of people to share access to purchased packages to attend favourite classes.

Comprehensive Tracking

Create popular class bundles by tracking attendance trends for all your facility’s sessions. Manage trainer payroll, view their commissions, and oversee combined revenue with just a few clicks.

Sales Reporting

Track and improve your sales efforts with sales reporting. Pull information on past, recent, and popular purchases and gather data on trial sessions and conversions.

Maximise Staff Productivity

Live Up to Client Expectations

Consumers have come to expect the ease that accompanies online shopping. Your gym or facility clients are no exception! Treat your clients to convenience by offering package options they can make partial or full payments for right inside their Self-Service dashboard.


Focus On High Performance

Boost your revenue by continuously tracking best-selling packages and popular sessions. Pivot your package offerings to accommodate your clients’ needs and industry demand to optimise the return on your sales efforts.

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