Membership Management

Organise Memberships With Built-In Membership Management

Reduce the time spent manually tracking down member information. Stay keyed on the entire membership cycle from beginning to end. Create custom membership plans, manage membership statuses, assign IDs, collect payments, and more.  

Every Tool You Need

Manage your entire business with a complete set of features bundled into one intuitive, responsive platform.


Intuitive Management

Easily manage membership statuses right inside your dashboard. Sell custom or standard plans, edit member profiles, and amend account status. Freeze, suspend or cancel memberships with just a few clicks.  

Unique Assignments

Set members up with unique check-in credentials. Use photo IDs, key tags, or biometrics to keep your facility secure. Activate membership sharing for family and corporate memberships. 


Looking for More?

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Smarter Check-ins

Display comprehensive member profiles upon check-in. Allow staff to view member photos, account status, payments, waiver details, and more.

Financial Support

Keep members’ accounts current with financial support. Collect payments, issue credits, and offer members credit card or direct bank debit billing.  

Detailed Member Reports

Stay up-to-date on member activity with comprehensive reporting. Run detailed membership, demographic, financial, and accounts receivable reports. 

Membership Management

Stay Ahead of Account Changes

Increase member retention and avoid delinquent accounts. Send perfectly-timed automated text and email reminders to members alerting them of their account status.  

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Keep Membership Data
Safe & Secure

Keep all of your member data, account changes, and payment preferences safe and secure in the cloud. Minimise data transfers from one system to another and unnecessary paperwork with a centralised software solution. 

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