Locker and Equipment Tracking

Organize Your Facility’s Rentals with Locker & Equipment Tracking

Centralize the management, tracking, and maintenance efforts of your facility lockers. Securely rent and track all facility equipment with confidence. Generate reports to gauge inventory levels and discover your best-selling items.

The Tools You Need

A complete set of features to manage your entire business, all in one easy to use platform.

Custom Rates

Create and charge custom rental fees based on item, length of time or occurrence, and quantity. Record fees and track changes in one centralized location.

Did You Know?

Equipment tracking can help you optimize inventory at your facility. Provide the equipment your members are looking for while cutting back on items that don’t return a profit. Use preset reporting to get started!

Availability Search

Meet your members’ rental requests with fine-tuned search capabilities. Search for available lockers by size, number, or assigned user.

Looking for More?

Lets Talk about how we can customize our software to fit your business needs.

Overdue Alerts

Stay ahead of potential account interruptions with alerts on overdue items. Receive real-time notifications of overdue items under a member’s account as they check-in.

Rental Reports

Pull preset reports to view assigned or expiring rentals during a specified date range for all locker rooms or a particular one. Run equipment rental reports to analyze equipment inventory statistics. Filter results to see which items are most popular based on the time of day, gender, category, and more.

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