Offer Virtual Classes During COVID-19 With the New Video Library featuring Zoom Integration!

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The complete solution for sports & fitness businesses.

Your path to success involves everything from facility scheduling to employee management, point-of-sale, invoicing, online registration and more. EZFacility's robust set of tools does all the heavy-lifting so that you can focus on what matters most—your customers.

Sports and Fitness Management Software

Centralise the scheduling of physical resources and consolidate all classes, clinics, and rentals into a color-coded schedule. At-a-glance locate available resources and master resource utilisation reports to ensure your facility is working to capacity.

Whether scheduling an even number of teams, an odd number of teams, single BYE’s, or back-to-back double headers–create complex league and tournament schedules in minutes. Keep games running on time with referee assignments, printable scorecards, and photo ID cards for player verification.

Incentivise and compensate employees for sessions, classes or clinics completed, and services sold. Whether it’s commission rates for higher ticket deals and sessions, or simply applying flat rates across the board — payroll and commission tracking is a snap. 

Need to sell point-of-sale products from a desktop or mobile device? Or keep an eye on product levels, automate reorder alerts, manage online or in-house coupon codes, and report on product profitability? Ask us how.

With a branded mobile app clients have access to facility information, business social media accounts, schedules, trainer profiles, push-notifications, promotions, and can even ditch their physical member card by adding it to their mobile wallet. Available in both the Apple and Android app stores. 

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Creat custom EZFacility video libraries

EZFacility Launches Video Library!

At gyms and fitness centers all over, it’s business as usual—well, sort of! Our newest feature puts gives gym owners the ability to create virtual classes with our video library. Upload your own videos, or schedule live sessions with our new Zoom integration. Allowing members to sign up for virtual classes is keeping doors (metaphorically) open and helping keep people fit and healthy in these uncertain times.

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