Front Desk Check-In

Free Up Staff with Streamlined
Front Desk Check-In

Cut down the time it takes for members to check-in or out of your facility. Get accurate reporting on member attendance and important facility activity. Repurpose your staff’s unique skill sets to serve members during classes, training, and more.

Every Tool You Need

Manage your entire business with a complete set of features bundled into one intuitive, responsive platform.

Simplicity Meets Security

Increase simplicity for members and staff without sacrificing security. Check-in kiosk options include mobile or RFID cards, biometric scans, or unique identifiers. Gather data on all entry and exit points.

Did You Know?

A virtual check-in kiosk is a reliable and convenient way to grant busy members fast access to your facility and classes.

Quality Staff Interactions

Your staff are a valuable asset. Make the most of their skills beyond check-in duties and paperwork. Increase meaningful interactions with members and visibility on the facility floor.

Quality Staff Interactions with EZFacility

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Detailed Membership Data

View member attendance and check-in history, purchases, appointments, packages, class registrations, and more. Manage member data from one central access point.

Prioritised Touch Points

Prioritise one-on-one time for the members who need it most. Get alerts when a member’s check-in signals a past-due balance, unsigned waiver, expired credit card on file, and more.

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Convenient Set-Up

Implement online front desk check-in right inside your admin dashboard. Print ID cards in-house to cut down on outside costs. Customize exit and entry points and update your settings as needed.



Offer members the convenience and autonomy of self-service check-in. Members can check themselves in or out of your facility or register for classes all from a tablet kiosk or desktop computer.

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