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Incentive Programmes for Fitness Centres

10 Fitness Incentives to Boost Member Retention

In the competitive world of fitness businesses, member retention is a crucial metric for success.…

EZF Blog: Cost of Opening a Gym

How Much Does It Cost to Open a Gym?

Opening a gym can be a fulfilling venture, but it comes with its share of…

EZF Blog: Basketball Facility Business Plan

Basketball Facility Plan

In the world of sports, owning and operating a basketball facility can be an exhilarating…

EZF Blog: Gym Grand Opening

Gym Grand Opening Ideas for a Successful Launch

The excitement of opening a new gym is palpable. You're about to embark on a…

EZL Release Article Blog (3)

EZFacility Launches Fully Integrated Card Machine Service

Since the dawn of the digital age, a key reason for using technology has always…

Indoor Sports Blog (1280x853)

Are Indoor Sports Facilities Profitable?

Indoor sports facilities have gained popularity in recent years, offering a controlled environment for various…