Photo IDs and Player Passes

Increase Security & Expedite Check-In with Membership Cards & Player Passes

Maintain a safe environment for everyone with secure check-in software. Ensure only approved or active members enter your facility or participate in games. Provide smooth, expedited entry for those with custom identification cards and player passes.

Every Tool You Need

Manage your entire business with a complete set of features bundled into one intuitive, responsive platform.

Branded Memberships

Make your facility ID cards hard to leave at home. Create custom photo IDs for your members and players and incorporate your brand right into the design.

In-House Printing

Print membership ID cards in-house with just the click of a button and a card printer. Create, renew, or make duplicate IDs at your convenience (compatible with most card printers).

Looking for More?

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Managed Check-In

Process member check-ins using custom card data and/or a barcode scanner. Track member attendance logs in your dashboard and evaluate popular check-in times.

Purchase Tracking

Make on-the-go purchases simple. Use player passes and member ID cards to associate purchases with a particular account. Charge a client’s on-file credit or debit card at their request.

photo id

Prioritise Client Needs

Maximise the time members reserve for your facility. Secure, streamlined check-in allows members to get to their goals faster. Offer members an easy, convenient way to start their workouts without the hassle.


Reduce Staff Load

Member check-in doesn’t have to be a full-time job. Minimise the amount of staff you assign to front-desk or check-in duties. Allow staff to focus on other administrative duties and engage with members upon request or as needed.

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