Employee Time Clock

Automate Staff Management with Our Employee Time Clock

Offer your staff an easy, reliable way to clock in and out of shifts.

Every Tool You Need

Manage your entire business with a complete set of features bundled into one intuitive, responsive platform.


Stop Wasting Time Manually Tracking Hours

Cut down on the manual time spent logging employee hours and double-checking attendance. Increase time-tracking and report accuracy, boost accountability in your team, and save time with a custom employee time clock. 

Did You Know?

The Employee Time Clock can save owners and managers precious hours of manually calculating payroll, especially in facilities where staff are always on-the-move.


Make clocking in and out easier and faster than ever. Setup employee time clock terminals at your front desk or wherever staff frequent most. Employees select their shift classification and clock-in or out with just a click using their unique employee login.


Admin Controls

Overview time logs and override staff hours with administrator privileges. Update wages, schedules, or classifications as needed. Assign admin permissions to managers or other approved staff.

Looking for More?

Lets Talk about how we can customise our software to fit your business needs.

Custom Setup

Create an unlimited number of job classifications. Define specific pay rates for each employee and change at any time. Restrict clock-in/clock-out functions on certain devices using IP addresses. 


Advanced Reporting

Take your facility’s operations one step closer to automation. Make smart scheduling decisions with detailed reporting. Run payroll and attendance reports with just a few clicks. Easily export to .xml, .csv, pdf, MHTML, Excel, tiff file and Word formats. 


Save Time for Other Tasks

Remove the need for managers to oversee all employee activity. Encourage autonomy and accountability among staff. Spend less time on manual time-tracking and more time on projects that grow your facility! 

Payroll and Commission Tracking

Cut Down on Unexpected Cost

Feel confident that payroll is running just as intended. Use the employee time clock to improve shift efficiency. Take control over unapproved overtime and ensure staff only work their scheduled hours.

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