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5 Tips to Boost Revenue & Retention with a Branded Mobile App

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The more engaged your members are, the more likely they are to stick to their fitness routine and your business. But how do you build stronger member engagement that encourages loyalty and retention to drive business results?
Our partner, MiGym, has worked with hundreds of fitness clubs creating personalized member app experiences to help them overcome the often-difficult hurdle of member retention. A few benefits these facilities have experienced include increased class attendance, boosted engagement, growth in member retention, and increased revenue.
In this webinar, presented by Hugh McEvoy, MiGym General Manager, you’ll learn five tips on how clubs engage their member base through a branded mobile app – and how you can use the same techniques to cultivate stronger bonds with your members.
5 Tips to Boost Revenue & Retention with a Branded Mobile App
You’ll also learn how to:

  • Leverage push notifications and announcements during the holiday season and New Year’s fitness rush
  • Increase member convenience through a simplified check-in and booking process
  • Gather member data to drive business decisions and specific marketing campaigns
  • And more!

Bonus: Those on the live call will get a sample holiday push notification and announcement to drive engagement, retention, and revenue.
Our Presenter
Hugh McEvoy, MiGym, General Manager
Hugh McEvoy has over nine years of experience providing customised facility management software to the fitness industry. Striving to create a tool to drive member retention and increase profits, Hugh partners with business of all sizes to carefully create personalized mobile app solutions.

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