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5 Tips to Boost Revenue & Retention with a Branded Mobile App

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The more engaged your members are, the more likely they are to stick to their fitness routine and your business. But how do you build stronger member engagement that encourages loyalty and retention to drive business results?
Our partner, MiGym, has worked with hundreds of fitness clubs creating personalized member app experiences to help them overcome the often-difficult hurdle of member retention. A few benefits these facilities have experienced include increased class attendance, boosted engagement, growth in member retention, and increased revenue.
In this webinar, presented by Hugh McEvoy, MiGym General Manager, you’ll learn five tips on how clubs engage their member base through a branded mobile app – and how you can use the same techniques to cultivate stronger bonds with your members.
5 Tips to Boost Revenue & Retention with a Branded Mobile App
You’ll also learn how to:

  • Leverage push notifications and announcements during the holiday season and New Year’s fitness rush
  • Increase member convenience through a simplified check-in and booking process
  • Gather member data to drive business decisions and specific marketing campaigns
  • And more!

Bonus: Those on the live call will get a sample holiday push notification and announcement to drive engagement, retention, and revenue.
Our Presenter
Hugh McEvoy, MiGym, General Manager
Hugh McEvoy has over nine years of experience providing customised facility management software to the fitness industry. Striving to create a tool to drive member retention and increase profits, Hugh partners with business of all sizes to carefully create personalized mobile app solutions.

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The Top Successful Facility Secrets

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How likely are your members to keep coming back to you if you expose them to misinformation? Fitness trends are constantly changing, you want stay up-to-date with the most current health and wellness news. It’s not enough to rely solely on your own professional education. In order to stay ahead of the game, you should be in the know on what professional journals, publications and your clients themselves are saying. Being on top of these funnels of information will allow you to become the fact checker, refute any misinformation printed by these publications, and establish yourself as an expert. If clients feel you are the most reliable source, they will turn to you for advice on proper fitness, exercise and nutrition practices.

Be fair, but firm

We’re all only human, which means certain situations can arise where you may need to bend the rules a bit. If you find yourself in this positon, make sure your clients are aware you are bending a policy. For example, if you have a 24-hour cancellation policy but you decide not to charge someone due to illness, be sure they are aware that you are bending this policy for them this ONE TIME but it will not be tolerated going forward.

Have Trainers Assign Homework

Make your sessions last longer by continuing them outside the facility. Clients should be given certain instructions or things to focus on when they are on their own time as well. Give them mini exercises to practice at home, or require them to keep a food and workout journal. Breathing exercises, posture activities and meditation activities are some other great examples to try. Clients can discuss or show what they tracked during their next session or communicate with trainers via email.

Continue Education of Trainers and Staff

Knowledge is power. While the organizations your trainers obtained their certifications from will inform them of what they need to do to keep it current, your trainers need to continue their education in other ways as well. They can easily do this by reading verified fitness journals and publications, as well as attending classes, conventions and conferences to stay on top of fitness trends and news. These are all investments in your business, not expenses.Li

Like what you’ve ready so far? Excellent. We’ve got more tips to share in our video series.


The Hidden Powers Of Your Clients

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Each and every individual that enters your facility carries an untapped potential for the benefit of your business. They harness the power of representing your business as well as sources for free business advice. Now the question is, what are the steps to get this power up and running? The answer isn’t as hard as you think, not when there’s only one main goal that matters—and that goal is: an established level of comfort. As long as you know your clients will feel welcome, the possibilities are endless. Here are just a few.

Suggestion Boxes

“Hey you know what you should do?” No doubt you’ve heard this before. Suggestions, while helpful, can be overwhelming when there’s no physical place to store them for actual consideration. This is why creating a visible suggestion box is a valuable asset when considering adding new additions to your gym. Considering adding dance fitness classes at last? Turns out eight members had the exact same thought! Always make sure to thank them for their suggestions and share how their input was in alignment with your ideas. Clients will feel valued to know their thought was in line with a place where they spend their time and money.

Shout-outs on Social Media

Appreciation that extends beyond face to face communication is not mandatory but it does put your business in the perfect human spotlight on social media. There’s a quite a difference between the impact of a scripted performance compared to something completely improvised. It’s why spontaneous acts of entertainment get so much media attention, a phenomenon that can even be dated beyond America’s Funniest Home videos.


Who doesn’t want a little fun competition? The mere mention of a contest can bring about the wonderful effect of maximum audience engagement. Why? You know the answers. It’s what’s guaranteed at the end of every contest and practically commands the participation rate of the event itself. The prizes. The glory and the bragging rights. When it comes to the prize itself, however it never hurts to get creative. As long as the reward bears some relevance to your business it’s certainly prize worthy.

Record Boards

In the same fashion of world record books, your gym can also have a place of fame for all different types of categories. Avoid a divider between the go-getters and beginners by setting up a variety of titles to win, from most push-ups in a day to longest run of fitness jokes. Another great suggestion would be to have a suggestion box for members to add in their ideas on what new categories could be added to the board. The longest conga line of joggers? Why not?

Appreciation Displays

In contrast to a record wall, an appreciation wall highlights achievements that happen outside and show a human size to your gym. The little things that go untold. This is also where you get to give power to your loyal of customers and give them a platform. An appreciation wall doesn’t need limits to a piece of paper saying thank you. It can be photo collage or published short bio. You could even take advantage of our Photo ID’s & Player Passes feature and customize client cards with their newly earned title! Turning a simple action into a personalized memory will make both a powerful and positive impact on your client.

Although it does take planning, the approach on how to unlock these special powers isn’t as hard as initially believed. Once customer morale has built up on positive vibes and human elements, the identity of each customer becomes a part of something greater. A solid community. A family.


3 Simple Gym Class Makeovers For Instructors

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What do your classes look like and how would you describe them? Are they the same compared to other facilities? Some of the smallest alterations to your most standard classes can help put your facility back on the radar again. With just a little bit of out-of-box thinking, the steps to revolutionizing your facility can be made possible. We thought of three suggestions to get your creativity going on what can be done to spice things up.
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