7 Tips To Becoming A Stellar Instructor

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It takes a certain “Je ne sais quoi” to be a fitness instructor. If you’re into fitness classes, whether they be small or large group trainings, chances are you’ve had some great experiences with truly inspiring instructors…and a few that weren’t so great. Elevate your instructor game to a top tier level with these 7 tips.

1. Get to class early

Spend a few minutes before class to get to know some of your students, not just to set up your equipment. This is prime time to show your clients that you are a) a relatable human being, and b) gives you some time to learn client needs and what they are looking to get out of your class. Wander around too; don’t just wait for them to come to you. Remember as much significant information about clients as you can! Showing that you remember someone shows that you care and inspires client loyalty.

2. Own it

I should know who the instructor is the minute I walk into the room. There’s no room for nervousness here. Even if you are nervous, fake that confidence until it’s real! If I am paying to take a class, I want to be confident in my instructor’s abilities so I know I’m getting the best session I can receive.

3. Encourage partner or group work

Require students to make a connection by:

  • Pairing up for a two-person exercise.
  • Have half the class perform a super intense exercise or routine while the other half cheers them on—then switch!
  • Tell students to cheer on the person exactly to their left / right. Encourage interactional praise like high-fives and fist bumps.

4. Correct students, but don’t make a scene

No matter what the fitness level of students, they can always improve. You earn trust from your students if you correct them without calling them out in front of the entire class. Push them deeper into a pose, make sure both feet are facing the right way—it goes a long way in showing your expertise. As a student, I want to know I am in fully capable hands. With that being said, don’t correct me from across the room. Most instructors don’t realize they’re embarrassing students this way.

5. Stay after class too

Don’t sprint out of the class once the workout is done. Stay after to get social with students. This is a great opportunity to get feedback on your class, whether positive or negative. Both forms will help you improve and gather ideas on how to make their next experience even better.

6. Be prepared and alert

A new class full of athletic students arrives in your studio. Five minutes into the exercise, one of them makes a rookie mistake. A first timer in your studio is a first timer no matter how athletic they appear or how many push-ups they say they can do. There’s always the possibility that they could have received unadvised guidance from a past studio-so keep a sharp eye out, always.

7. Become Self-Service compatible

What does that mean? Well there’s the fitness trainer who has clients who can call to sign up for a class and then there’s the fitness trainer who allows clients to call or sign up at their convenience from their portable or desktop devices. The second fitness trainer is Self-Service compatible and has a stronger reach over gaining new members as well as retaining them. How? Take EZFacility’s Self-Service feature for example. It allows both recurring clients and the public to browse and register for fitness classes, in addition to other actions that are all defined by you, the operator of Self-Service.

Routine behaviors can go a long way in forming loyal students and create continuous referrals. But what can really cement the relationship? A service that goes above and beyond the client experience! To learn more about seamless gym management software that includes features like Member Self-Service, click the button below.

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