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What is Gym Management Software?

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If you’re new to owning a gym, or thinking about it, you’ve probably heard about fitness software once or twice. What is gym management software, anyway? Besides, “time-saving” and “game-changing.” Read more to find out.

What is Gym Management Software?

As a new, or even seasoned, gym owner, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the business and want to take on many different roles. Big mistake. Don’t do it.

You want to focus your energy on what matters most, like creating lasting connections with your members, not time-consuming administrative tasks. That’s where a reputable software comes in. It’s a management solution with real-time reporting that does the heavy lifting for you.

It goes by many different names: fitness software, gym membership software, gym scheduling software, and scheduling software. Potato-Potato? (read: Potayto-Potahto). Not necessarily. Yes, each one is a powerful set of tools to help you better manage your clients, staff, and finances. But like anything, you will want to shop around to find one that fits your facility’s individual needs.

Who uses it?

These days, many health and fitness facilities use a management system; Small and big gyms, traditional and non-traditional gyms, yoga studios, spin studios and dance studios- you name it. Chances are, they are all using one or are thinking of using one. That’s because it is a great way to save time and grow your business. Any fitness establishment that aims to run things more efficiently and stay ahead of their competition will find it beneficial.

How is it used?

It is used several ways, from assigning classes to specific instructors to onboarding and tracking new members to sending out emails and processing payments.

*Member Management:

It’s no secret your members’ happiness is vital to the health of your establishment. Or that the amount of people who drop out like flies after the New Year is always going to be a threat, no matter how much the industry is booming. That’s what your management tools are for. Customer retention largely depends on the kind of overall experience a customer has with your company. This is why having available data on your members and their behaviors is more valuable than you might know.

Gym membership software tracks the attendance pattern of each person and alerts you when they are at risk of dropping out. Once you’re informed of the situation, you can use email marketing to send a series of carefully curated nurture texts and emails, letting them know they are missed. Or you can try a different approach and send them offers on other classes you think they might enjoy better. Bottom line is: members like to feel included and thought of.

Another thing they like is convenience. That’s because we’re living in the digital age, which means people have become accustomed to instant gratification. And what’s more gratifying as a customer than being able to manage their membership online through a self-service portal? One where they can sign up for classes, create goals, make payments, and check-in, all within seconds? Not very much. Except for maybe post-workout endorphins and protein ice cream.

Nothing kills pre-workout mojo like having to wait in a long check-in line, especially during peak season. Some services offer the option for a quick scan-in with a membership card or even a fingerprint.

*Employee Management:

The same way member management is important to your business so is the morale of your team. The happier your staff is, the likelier the chance of your members being happy too. Stressed out employees will be unable or unwilling to service your community the way you need them to.

A way to remedy this is by lightening up the workload and leaving some administrative tasks to the software. Scheduling, inventory, finances, and satisfaction surveys are all things that it can do. As a result, your employees will have one main program to focus their efforts on versus juggling several different small ones with endless reminders, spreadsheets, and calendars. You will greatly increase their productivity time, which in turn can be used to assist guests. 

*Financial Management:

In addition to managing your members and crew, keeping a close watch on your financial data helps you understand how your facility makes money. It’s a good practice to make yourself aware of all daily revenue, billing statements, month-to-date membership sales, and delinquencies. Also, tune in to conversion rates to learn about prospective members.

Any of the information available will be done with real-time reporting, allowing you to make better informed financial decisions.

What is the cost?

Much like gym shorts, pricing isn’t a one size fits all kind of thing. There are many different options available. In order to find the best suitable package for you and your gym, you will need to consider the size of your location as well as the number of your staff and members.

Did we answer your questions about management solutions? If you are interested in learning about our packages at EZFacility, please request more information on our gym software page or schedule your free demo today.

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