How to Run a Successful Gym

How to Run a Successful Gym

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Anybody can open a gym, if they have the financial backing for it. But, whether or not it will be a successful business is a whole other story. In this post, you will learn how to run a successful gym. Here are four tips from building relationships with gym members to implementing gym management software.

Build Relationships

First things first. Why do you want to open a gym? Is it because you love looking and feeling healthy and want to help others look and feel healthy too? Or, because you believe if you can make money doing something you love, you’ll never work a day in your life?

While those things may be true, you are leaving out a fundamental answer; The community.

Think about why you have been a gym goer in the past. The feeling you got being around other positive, goal-oriented individuals is likely what prompted you to open your own space.

Learn names, build relationships, create a community, and stay involved. Create frequent in-house events and join them. Gym members who feel seen and valued as part of the family will be more likely to become lifelong customers.

A small gym is at an advantage here. They are appealing because it means each trainer has more time to spend getting to know their clients one-on-one. As a result, they are really able to foster that sense of community. But, with a little determination and some added attention to detail, a larger gym can recreate the same intimate atmosphere as a small gym.

Get on Social Media

Nowadays, everyone is on social media, and you (and your instructors) should be too. It’s easier than ever to reach existing and potential customers online. Make sure your business has two things: a welcoming, user-friendly website, and a strong online presence.

Another benefit to having a social media account is you can manage your online reviews. You should encourage your members to give you a shout out. People love to know which places their friends and family recommend and why. If they are on the fence about which fitness establishment to check out, a positive review with your name on it could tip them over your way.

Being online is an excellent way to minimize negative comments too, as well as get honest feedback to incorporate in your business. It shows other people how well you handle those situations.

Consider Marketing

If there is room in your budget, consider getting help with your marketing strategy. A good marketing plan can inform your target audience about your gym and services. Plus, it will help set you apart from your competitors, and attract new members. With a smart marketing strategy, you can even build out loyalty programs to focus on retention.

Start with email marketing. Carefully craft emails offering trial periods to prospective members. Or, those who are looking to test out the waters before making any commitments. Later on, send newly tailored emails with specific messages to encourage those same people in becoming paying members. At the same time, a separate email blast can keep your current members engaged.

Use Technology

Memberships, schedules, and money, oh my! How will you keep track of it all?

With gym scheduling software, that’s how. A reputable software can assist with online class scheduling, management, and membership. It can reduce your workload, keep you organized, increase revenue, and free up quality time you can use to service your members instead.

This one goes back to your community. Your members should always be your main priority because when members feel involved, they are more compelled to return. And most of your financial success will come from keeping cancellation rates low.

Track your membership data with software, like EZFacility’s gym management software. It will alert you of clients who are at risk of canceling their membership, so you and your instructors know when to send them a little extra love.

It will also make planning and sharing class schedules a breeze. Especially if you get set up with a branded app for your customers. With tons of features, the software allows for nurture emails and texts that will keep fitness – and your business – on their mind.

Were these tips on how to run a successful gym helpful? Check out our other blog posts for gym retention strategies and more.

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