Yoga Trends

Yoga Trends

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People have been taking a seat at their yoga mats for thousands of years. Whether it’s to clear thoughts and become more mindful or to increase flexibility and improve muscle tone, yoga does it all. That’s why practicing yoga isn’t just a workout, it’s a lifestyle.

In recent years, a new wave of yogi’s has rolled onto the scene and brought a handful of modern practices with them to yoga studios everywhere. They’re more dedicated than ever before to finding their om, even if it means experimenting a little. Here are 5 of the hottest (and weirdest) yoga trends right now, plus one less popular one.

Animal Yoga

Move over, downward dog. There are more animals in town; The get-up goat, bending bunny and swaying snake.

Okay, those poses are made-up. But the yoga classes are completely real. People are paying good money to do yoga with animals for different reasons. For example, pet therapy, like bunny and goat yoga, is said to be relaxing and uplifting, especially when dealing with grief or sadness. Snake yoga, on the other hand, is all about creating energy and facing fears.

You should bring an open mind to your mat- and maybe some eco-friendly wipes. Because no matter how enlightened they are, when animals gotta go, they gotta go. Furry friends tend to leave furry dropping during bunny yoga and goat yoga.

Online Yoga

Anything can pretty much be found on the internet today. So, it only makes sense that a lot of businesses and influencers have increased their online presence.

Want to take yoga classes but you’re too afraid to do them in front of other people? Or, you keep missing the classes because of your schedule? No worries. Hop online and look for free instructionals on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube. There are a ton of people there to follow and workout with including Jessamyn Stanley, Rachel Brathen, Adriene Mishler, and Rebekah Borucki, to name a few.

Acro Yoga

Much like in snake yoga, acro yoga is about facing your fears. It’s a mixture of traditional yoga meets acrobatics. So, while it’s a tad more playful, it also knows when to be serious. The primary objective is about vulnerability and communication. You will need to be in constant communication with your partner whether you’re the base, the flyer or any other position. It’s

about challenging yourself, opening up and trusting another person. You can show up with a partner but don’t skip out if you can’t find anyone. People go to class solo all of the time. It could be an opportunity to meet someone new and build a unique relationship from the ground up.

Gin Yoga

There’s been wine yoga and beer yoga, but now there’s gin yoga.

The idea is, if you’re feeling nervous about attending a class, these beverages will give you a boost of liquid courage to get you by. Not only that but gin is especially known for having a calming effect. But be careful not to sip too quickly because it’s also known for creeping up and causing unpleasant feelings -or nausea- as well.

When done the right way, think of gin yoga as a total body experience. The class will teach you to tune in to and appreciate what’s going on in your body. Everything from the way the gin feels as it touches your lips to the journey it takes until you feel that warming sensation in your stomach, and well hopefully, your soul.

Yoga Wheel

Yoga is no stranger to props. Sometimes to achieve a certain posture, or properly support your technique, the instructor will gently slide a yoga block underneath you. Rolled up mats or towels can have the same benefits.

Now there are yoga wheels to help you out also. They’re great for aiding with your backbends flexibility.

Yin Yoga

You’re likely familiar with the yin-yang. They’re two complementary forces in Chinese philosophy that represent the light and dark in all things. While yang is thought of as more of an active energy, yin is much calmer.

What you’re probably unfamiliar with, however, is Yin Yoga. It’s a much slower-paced style of yoga that includes dim lights and guided meditation. Sounds kind of wonderful, right? So, why isn’t it more popular? Yoga studios are stumped too.

This style is different from traditional yoga because it focuses more on the connective tissues in the body versus muscle groups. Also, each pose is held longer than in other classes, often for several minutes at a time.

Though holding each stance can be a bit of a challenge, the real workout is what’s going on in the mind. Everyone stores emotions in their body and yin yoga is able to tap directly into them. It’s not uncommon to cry during a class (never from pain!). Keep in mind each pose should challenge you, but not hurt you. Listen to your body and follow its signals. This is a great practice for anyone in therapy or who suffers from anxiety.

Have you tried these yoga trends before or incorporated any of them into your lifestyle? We’d love to hear all about how you’re practicing yoga.

But ultimately, it doesn’t matter how you downward dog, all that matters is that you enjoy doing it. Namaste! To see more blogs like this one, come back and visit our site often.

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