Targeted Marketing Campaigns with EZFacility

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Create targeted marketing campaigns by making the most out of our software features and utilizing functions that make it simple to focus on various groups.

Make the most out of our software features by going beyond the scheduling, management and billing functions. Because EZFacility software keeps track of your client demographics, clubs can easily identify their largest opportunities for customer-base growth. Our software features top commercial email marketing software that allows you to send emails that are targeted to the right group.
A few examples of how this function can be used to target the right members:

  • Membership or Package About to Expire – Remind members to renew their membership or training package before they expire. This gives them the opportunity to continue with uninterrupted gym or training time and keeps cash flowing for your facility.
  • Birthdays – A member’s birthday is coming up; email them notifying them of a free personal training session in celebration of their birthday. This is a great way to have them try out something new at your facility that could convert to additional business from an existing member.
  • Past members – Notify past members of a great sign up offer. By keeping past members posted on new offers via email, chances are if they see a great one, you’ll lure them back in.
  • New Program/Class Alerts – Send a targeted email to members that have participated in similar classes/programs in the past. They’ll appreciate a suggestion tailored to their interests and will assure members that their facility is keeping things fresh and interesting.

Use the demographic reporting in EZFacility to find out where the holes are in your demographics. This makes it simple to find out what age group or gender needs additional targeting and focus. Perhaps, your club needs more Senior- level classes or extra babysitter services during the day for those stay-at-home moms looking to stay fit. With EZFacility’s Marketing tools, these gaps can be easily found and marketing strategies and campaigns can then be implemented.
Hope this helps in generating new ideas on how EZFacility’s software can be used for marketing to all your clients utilizing unique and innovative approaches.
We will, of course, continue to keep you posted on new developments and information.

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