How to Succeed with EZFacility

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We know time is tight and your goal is to see the benefits of EZFacility right away. So here are a few best practices to help accelerate your company’s success.

We know time is tight and your goal is to see the benefits of EZFacility right away. So here are a few best practices to help accelerate your company’s success.
Even before you login, you will want to focus on 3 key areas:

  1. Identifying a business champion
  2. Defining clear goals to start with
  3. Committing to good habits in alignment with these goals

Let’s explore each of these, and see where to lean more:
Identifying a business champion
A champion can be anyone in your business – and since your’re reading this, it might be you. As a champion, you will help your company adopt EZFacility successfully. You don’t need strong technical skills; you just need to be able to communicate effectively. You will need to communicate with management to understand their needs, communicate with staff to show how EZFacility will help them, and communicate about the quick wins you achieve once you start using EZFacility daily. Celebrating these quick wins is a great way to help everyone in your organization see the benefits of this amazing new system.
Defining clear goals right from the start
While EZFacility offers hundreds of features, our most successful customers start with a simple goal – such as increasing customer service or reducing phone calls using Online Registrations. Trying to solve every challenge at once can lead to being overwhelmed and slowing down your implementation. So start by writing down your top 1 or 2 key business goals.
You then need to create a simple process map, as it is very helpful to define this before you begin using and customizing EZFacility. If for example, your goal is a decrease in phone calls, you will want to map out the process that will get you there.
Once you define your process, it becomes easy to customize EZFacility to help you achieve those goals. After EZFacility helps you reach your initial goal, you will be able to implement more sophisticated processes that save time, money, increase sales, and create happier customers.
EZFacility allows you grow over time, versus having to solve everything up front. So simply repeat the steps of setting a goal, defining your process, and then building the solution – and you’ll continue to celebrate quick wins regularly.
Committing to good habits in alignment with these goals
As you grow, you’ll want to make sure your staff enters their info consistently in the system and keeps it up to date as well. EZFacility helps keep track of the day-to-day elements that are important to your business, and the quality of this information is critical to a successful program. Good habits begin when all your users agree to the terms that are used to describe your process. Be sure to train your staff, not only on how to use EZFacility, but also on your pre-defined process and terminology.
Integrating EZFacility into day-to-day operations using scheduling, billing, and customer management is a great way to keep information up to date. The more staff that “live” inside of EZFacility, the more it becomes a trusted source of “go to” information. To help everyone see the importance of keeping your information up to date, run your departmental and company meetings based on EZFacility reports and dashboards. For example, a weekly sales review can run like clockwork if your sales managers used the Revenue report from within the system. Our most successful customers remember this maxim – “If it isn’t in EZFacility, it doesn’t exist”.
Ensuring your success
We are committed to ensuring your success, so we make it easy to find the resources that will help you succeed. The single place to go whenever you are trying something new is Here, you will find how-to videos, user guides, F.A.Q’s., best practices and more. And don’t forget, you can always search our entire knowledge base and reach-out to our support team by clicking the Help & Training link located at the top of the page directly within your EZFacility system.
Thank you for choosing EZFacility! We hope this overview will accelerate your success with our system.
Check back often for best practices and new ideas.

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