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4 Customer Support Myths You Need To Drop

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Customer service has one goal. To be helpful. You know this, but want to make the experience better within your sports or gym management system. How does this happen? How does one make customer support more accommodating? By not cringing at the sound of it and disregarding these 4 crazy myths.

Myth 1:

FAQ Guide’s Aren’t Necessary

Au contraire. Otherwise, this example would not have a happy ending! Picture a member of your facility in a crowded train car. They want to know your facility’s policy on bad weather for outdoor classes. They could pull out their smartphone and make a call, but all that noise could make the conversation difficult. What they can do instead is look up the FAQ guide on your gym or sports facility website and—there is the answer. In a manner of minutes, this member has their answer and your facility management staff can continue their tasks with less chance of an interruption.

Now, take this member and multiply them by 20. Maybe 50. Chances are your members have the same questions on their mind. With an FAQ readily available, most will have their questions answered and, as a result, your gym management has the time to address other priorities.

Often times, we can forget the simplest of tasks, like removing a stain from a carpet or threading a needle. Today, many people research online about subjects that range from gym management software to e-cards. Your website should act the same in regards to common questions regarding your facility. It is this reason why FAQ guides are a time (and breath) saver.

Myth 2:

Less Incoming Calls Means More Happy Clients

Silence isn’t always golden, especially in the case of customer service at your gym or sports facility. For those members you know who sit on the fence of initiating a conversation—the initiative is on you! Make the phone call or send a quick email.


“I always take a few minutes out of my day and just check in with clients – whether they have been active in their account or not. It’s always nice to have someone reach out and make sure things are going well. My clients have been very receptive to this and love that we truly care about them.” – Daina DeBellis, Customer Success Administrator, EZFacility.


There’s still plenty of value for in-person communication too! Ask for a quick review after a member checks in about their experience with your facility. If members don’t have time, ask for a quick score of satisfaction and then reach out to them later in a follow-up to discuss the details behind the number or star rating given. Additionally, keeping record of these reviews makes for an excellent presentation to new members considering your facility.

Myth 3:

Support Guides Organize Themselves

New example! So you pull open a drawer and it’s full of hammers, rubber bands and nails. You’re only looking for one thing and you can’t find it until you clear out the entire area. No support guide should look or feel like this for any member. Diving into a mess of words without any assistance or organization to your gym management support is a horror show. Don’t settle for horror. Make it a feel good experience for your members with an organized and accessible support layout.

EZFacility Online Support Center

Myth 4:

No Need For Surveys

No surveys? This sounds like a fantastic idea for someone looking to run their facility into the ground. For a better customer experience, you need proper communication in place for feedback. You. Need. Surveys! Send those surveys however you’d like (and make sure to keep records). They can be in a follow-up email sent through your gym management system or at the end of a customer service conversation. If you happen to prefer less tech focus methods of communication, use more traditional methods like luncheon invites and personalized letters. A survey doesn’t have to be in the form of a test sheet!

At any point, a member may require help regarding your fitness or sports facility. Whether it comes from a staff member or a specific department, customer support is not solely an opportunity to help your credibility—it’s about helping build a strong bond between your staff and your members.

That being said, what advice do you think we should add about customer service? Please let us know in the comments!

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