The Ventriloquist, The Magician And The Right Magic For Your Business. PDF Edition

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The following is an EZFacility blog that was printed in the National Fitness Trade Journal Spring 2017 edition.

Manager, Director, Leader. These are some titles you’ve earned before becoming the business owner. As the business owner, you have effectively attained the right to control your business identity, and every business owner of course, should have control.

The funny thing is though, clients want control too and in today’s digital environment there are many ways to pull off the ol’ smoke and mirrors trick to keep clients happy while still guiding the identity of your business.

But this is where we should stop.

A big aspect of your business identity is its relationship with your clients. Tricks should never be an approach to any relationship not the start of an honest business. It should also never become a last resort for any matter of business because then the business identity turns into The Ventriloquist, making clients “believe they are in charge” when they’re actually the dummy, thus increasing the risk of a fallout.

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Boost Client Conveniences And Business Reach With MemberMe+

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You’re looking to expand the reach of your business and the idea of integrating a mobile application comes to mind. Look no further. EZ Facility’s MemberMe+ can get you started in building upon both customer convenience and satisfaction. When was the last time you saw a client forget their coupon or membership id? With MemberMe+ you and your client can leave those bad experiences behind and step forward toward a better relationship.

Here are some of the many advantages that MemberMe+ provides.

– Virtual Incentives-

The ability to send digital offers and promotions allow convenience for your customers constantly on the move. We improvised upon this method by giving the client the ability to accept offers in real time, taking that “Yes” directly to a calendar for scheduling asap!

– GPS Functionality-

Location is one of the most valuable assets for social media and one of the fastest methods for clients to share your business and their social life. Users can “check in” with Facebook, expanding your business reach with ease.

-All-In-One Efficiency-

Your business may never move but your client is another story. They could be on their way from a new town or coming from a jetlagged flight. They could open up a separate app to find your business and then another to open your calendar… Or they could just use MemberMe+.

-Cross Compatibility-

We want the best possible level of client immersion available so along with the likes of Twitter and Facebook- MemberMe+ is available on iPhone and Android. The budget for a cross compatible app has often been known to be costly, however, when we take a look at our testimonials, the positives far outweigh the negatives.

-Registration of Member ID Cards-

Make your clients commitment easier by giving them the option to digitally store their client membership identifications. Once it’s registered, there’s simply no more time wasted looking for that small rectangular key card. (And no excuse to avoid the gym either!)


Administer the application from your computer and generate reports on user activity such as download statistics, popular features used by clients and much more. The data gathered from our app can prove to be a vital tool on upholding and improving engagement level among clients.

-Updates & Push Notifications-

Operate efficiently through an admin portal where you can change image formats, add more links and send out notices. After all, surprises are for presents, not extended hours or the opening of a second location. Keep your clients always in the know on what’s going on with your business.

-Info Customization-

Just like your website, you can include a variety of info to your clients, from contact details to an “about us” summary. Also, the customization does not stop at written text. MemberMe+ also allows the inclusion of photos, particularly helpful for biographies of your trainers and or staff.

Imagine what you can do or always wanted to do with extra time. With MemberMe+ helping your business out, you can make that extra time completely yours, and we know you deserve it.


Got an App?

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It’s time we talked about apps. The fact is, if your facility doesn’t have one, you might soon find your business going the way of the 8-track cassette player and the fax machine. Websites alone don’t cut it anymore; customers expect your business to be accessible to them at any time of day, from wherever they are. That means if they’re at their kids’ soccer practice and they want to check your class schedule, or they’re walking down the street and they want to know your exact address, you better have an app for that. You need a quick, easy, smartphone-accessible solution to all of your customers’ needs.

Your customers aren’t the only ones who benefit. If you can provide them with palm-of-the-hand services, you’ll reap rewards yourself. A mobile app that gives you the ability to immediately update members with “Push Notifications” allows you to communicate quickly and effectively with your entire community about club changes, news, class availability, and the like. An app also can present you with an easy way to distribute information about specials, promotions, and coupons, drawing members in by keeping them on the look-out for deals from you. There’s another big bonus too: An app can be a selling point for new members (and it’s a must-have if the gym across the street has one).

But no matter how much easier an app makes things for you, what it comes down to is greater customer satisfaction. If you’ve got an app that complements your sports or fitness business — again, engaging members and clients when it’s convenient for them — then you’ll have customer satisfaction, which means improved retention. In addition to keeping clients informed, hooking them on promotions, and providing an easy way to book classes, you can offer an app that allows you to post motivational photos and videos, showcase members’ stories, offer fitness tips, and highlight new workouts. Your customers get what they need, and you get what you need. That’s what apps are all about.