How to Open a Yoga Studio

How to Open a Yoga Studio

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Opening a successful yoga studio is similar to opening a gym, except there’s a little more zen and a lot less equipment. If you’ve been into yoga for some time now and have obtained your certifications and teaching hours, here is a quick guide on how to open a yoga studio.

The Time is Now

Yoga isn’t a new fad. It can be dated back thousands of years in history. However, the practice has grown substantially in the past decade, particularly in the United States. So, the time is ripe now for creating a business plan and opening a small business in the yoga community.

If you’re worried there might be too much competition, don’t be. There is plenty of space, and success to be had by everyone. Besides, no two yoga studios are ever alike. Just like no two people are ever exactly alike either. Be yourself and the customers will follow. Keep the yoga classes coming!

Find a Space You Love

Yoga is all about training the mind and body to work together. The place you choose for your yoga studio is important. It should be friendly and inviting. You want to rent somewhere that says you’re warm and welcoming and gives off good vibes. 

When opening a yoga studio, you don’t have a lot to buy for the facility. Yes, you might consider a management software to make organizing and staying on top of things easier like memberships, check-in’s, and emails. And yes, you might need small essentials such as yoga mats, blocks, wheels, and baskets. But, that’s pretty much it. A yoga studio doesn’t require more than active members and floor mats.

That’s great news for you as the business owner. It means you won’t need a huge financial backing to get started like you would at a gym. Instead, you can spend your time focusing primarily on the space itself.

Where will you rent and how big of a studio will you need? If you are already teaching and you have a following, it should give you an idea of how big to start off.

Raise Your Vibration

Raise your vibration! Send out feelings of love, gratitude, generosity, happiness and more. Hire instructors who will do the same. People will take notice.

Not only can you raise the vibration in the energy you’re putting out, but you should also raise the vibration inside your studio. You can achieve this by intentionally filling it up with sights and smells that are pleasing to the senses.

Start with color because colors hold immense power. So, when decorating, be mindful of the paint you choose for the walls. The color you pick can either lift you up and give you the utmost clarity and motivation, or it can mentally block you from tapping into true potential. For example, red is energizing, while yellow is uplifting, green is encouraging and blue is calming.

Aside from colors, keep as much space open as possible to avoid clutter. Use essential oils and incense, play soft music, let fresh air in whenever you can, and place plants and flowers all about. If you don’t have a green thumb, don’t fret. There are still ways to incorporate some, like purchasing faux plants.

Promote Yourself

Raising your vibration is always great but you will still need to market yourself. There are tons of ways to do this! Get on social media, advertise free trials, and host events. Some event ideas include a grand opening, anniversary bashes, and offering up your space to causes in the community. Another idea is planning pop-up events near your small business and getting the word out on social media.

Offer a Variety

You want to offer a variety of yoga classes as well as instructors. People enjoy having options to choose from because it gives them a chance to try out different techniques and styles of teachings.

Also, stay up to date on the latest yoga trends. Of course, skip over the ones you’re uncomfortable with or don’t resonate with the message you wish to send out. But, do stay open to occasionally trying new things.


Good luck. Now that you’ve got some ideas to add to your business plan, you will be on your way to becoming a business owner with a successful yoga studio in no time.

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