Yoga Resources For Teachers in 2020

Yoga Resources For Teachers in 2020

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Like many jobs in the fitness industry, running a yoga studio can require a yoga instructor to wear several different hats. On top of planning classes, teaching them, and training employees, they also have to grow a business, keep certifications up to date and squeeze in some practice time of their own. Fortunately, there are many great yoga resources for teachers to be able to accomplish all of those things and more. Just ask the universe (and EZFacility) and you shall receive! In this post, here are some of the top ones we recommend starting with.

The Yoga Alliance

The Yoga Alliance is one of the very first resources you will uncover as a teacher. It’s the place where you will go to get registered as a yoga instructor. It’s also where you can connect with one of the largest yoga teacher associations in the yoga community. On the site you will find organisational tools for keeping track of teacher training and credentials as well as endless articles, videos, online workshops, teaching tips, sequencing tips, yoga events and more.

90 Monkeys

90 Monkeys is an online resource created by yoga teachers for other yoga teachers. Co-founders, Amy Ippoliti and Taro Smith wanted something where people could collaborate together in the community because they know it takes an army. 90 Monkeys words super hard to help others thrive in their lives and in their yoga studies. They have taught several online courses to people in many different countries. On their site, you will find a variety of different courses available for enrollment.

Yoga U Online

Online tutorials are great but sometimes you aren’t able to sit down in front of the computer like you’d like to. So, how about listening to something on the go instead? That’s where Yoga U Online’s free podcasts come in handy. They cover a pretty broad range of topics for every level yogi.

Yoga Leader Retreat

Walk away from a yoga retreat feeling spiritually rejuvenated. It’s a pretty magical thing getting together with a group of people who want to share their minds, souls and yoga poses with one another. Any retreat has important takeaways. However, there are retreats created specifically for teachers where all of the activities are heavily focused on teacher training, growth and development.

Yoga Expo

If you can’t get away for a big chunk of time, be on the lookout for a yoga expo happening in your area. Not only are they a lot of fun to attend, but you can also learn quite a few things from them too.

Walk around and discover new industry props, sample healthy snacks and products, and participate in other yoga classes. Participating in another teacher’s class gives you hands-on experience and potentially some new techniques and sequencing to implement in your own classroom. Don’t forget to bring your own yoga mat!

The Yoga Journal

The Yoga Journal is for the everyday yogi. For the last 50 years, they have been helping people keep their minds, bodies, and spirits healthy on and off their yoga mat. They show you how to apply the art in your everyday life.

On their site, they have a little something for everyone.  There are great reads, appetising recipes, yoga poses and inspirational playlists. In addition, teachers will discover an entire tab devoted to them with tips from some of the top players in the industry.

Have fun getting started with these yoga resources for teachers. Use one or use them all. Whatever speaks the loudest to you. This is just the beginning of possibilities. Namaste. 

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