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Marketing for the Holidays & New Year’s Rush

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Keep clients coming in during this busy time of year & entice new clients to choose your business for the New Year’s Resolution rush.

We all know the holiday season is a hectic time of year. Between traveling, cooking, shopping, and spending time with loved ones, fitness excuses and nutrition indulgences become more frequent and many people tend to push off their health goals by justifying the hiatus through jumping on the New Year’s resolution fitness bandwagon. So how do you motivate your current clients to stay on track while, at the same time, pave the way for new business in the New Year?  Below are a few holiday driven campaigns you can utilise to drive business for this time of year:


Holiday Travel Specific Promotions

Many people travel at some point for the holidays, so why not offer “mini-memberships” that coincide with the season? Create promotions for short periods of time for clients to gift loved ones in town visiting- and provide them another person to hold them accountable in their goals. For example, offer a seven day or daily pass to use while they’re in the area. If your business already has options similar to this, you could “re-brand” the special by offering these passes at a discounted rate and promote it as a holiday specific offer.

Additionally, campaigns like this would work two-fold for the coming New Year’s rush by allowing potential clients to try your gym or facilities before committing to a daunting longer-term membership or package; thus, creating an approachable environment to get additional new clients through the door.


Thanks & Giving

‘Tis the season of giving and while your clients minds are on what they can give others, give back to them. Offer members the opportunity to buy or renew memberships at a discounted rate, purchase 5 classes for themselves and give (or keep) one as a gift, or offer discounted gift certificates for them to give a loved one. For instance, your clients pay $80 for a $100 training package, or purchase a 5-month membership and get 6 months of service, or pay for 9 classes and get 10. These campaigns can work to retain your current members as well as entice new members to start their fitness journey with you!

Don’t want to offer a discount to everybody, but still have a high participation rate? Host a giveaway! Each time a client (current or new) checks into to your business, they are entered into a giveaway of your choosing- the more times they come in, the more times they are entered. Could be a free class, discounted membership, or personal training session, or a gift certificate to your store or concessions. The possibilities are endless!

Like the idea of offering a little something extra to clients, but aren’t looking to offer a membership discount or free class? Have free water bottles or treats for those members who come in as a thanks and encouragement to continue to visit. Give your clients an extra guest pass or two to bring visiting guests or a local friend or family member (see also: potential client) to use when they come in as a “thank you” for their business. Small tokens of appreciation like this will show your clients how much you value them. Remember, a little thanks goes a long way.

Spread Holiday Cheer

The end of the year brings about a time to reflect and celebrate! Join in the festivities by hosting events for your clients themed around the holidays. Hold holiday and New Year themed classes, workouts, or leagues for your clients to participate. Or offer a holiday program to clients who join where a goal is set and if reached, they receive a percentage off, a free class, or discounted merchandise. Beat the New Year’s rush by also offering the holiday program to all new clients who sign up with their goal before January 1st.

Feeling generous? Set up a donation box for clients to give back or host a gift match or food drive for clients to contribute to a local or nation association.

Really want to amp up the generosity and motivation? Hold a fundraiser for a certain length of time where your business will donate a small amount of money every time a current client checks in to reach a pre-set total goal.
Want to draw new clients with this campaign? Donate a larger sum of money for every new client that signs with or actively participates in your business.

Additionally, you can create a large visual for your clients and even passersby to see how much money has already been and still needs to be raised to reach your goal; drawing positive attention to the cause and your business. This sort of donation campaign will also actively engage you with the community while helping your current and new clients feel like they are giving back, and, on top of that, support them to stay on track with their health goals. Now that’s what I call that a win-win-win!

Stress Relief

Though the holidays are a time for giving and merriment, they are always undoubtedly stressful. Remind your clients to take time to care for themselves too- both physically and mentally. Send a newsletter to list ways that fitness and recreation relieves stress to help ease the guilt clients might have by taking time for themselves.

Utilize your social media by posting different fitness facts or tips that will help to blow off some holiday steam- not only will your current clients see these social media posts, but if public, new clients considering your business will be able to learn from these tips and recognize your establishment as one knowledgeable in the industry.

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