How to Close More Sales for Your Gym

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There’s nothing more important to the success of your gym business than your members. Not only do their dues keep the lights on, but active memberships help you to have predictable income from month to month. However, with more fitness options than ever–from online training to at-home equipment–it may feel more difficult to close sales.

That’s why we’re sharing a few sales techniques you can implement to sell more gym memberships. The key is to provide potential members with a smooth buying experience without putting pressure on them to make a decision before they’re ready.

1.    Keep Your Social Media Up to Date

Most members didn’t just walk into your facility without knowing some background information about you. That’s why updating your social media with new equipment, class times, and trainer bios is so important. For people who haven’t been in a gym in a long time (or ever), gyms are extremely intimidating. By sharing the ins and outs of what to expect and highlighting your features, you’ll make someone more comfortable with taking the next step of reaching out.

Additionally, if you get permission, share photos of different types of members. While you of course want to share results, if you only share people in peak shape, it can be very alienating. You want to show how welcoming you are to people of different body types, abilities, ages and genders.

2.    Digitize the Buying Experience

Many fitness business owners are hesitant to update their sales tactics. They may rely on a high-pressure sales team driven to get contracts signed, no matter what. The result is that prospective members fear that they’re walking into a used car dealership, where they’ll be pushed to sign something they don’t want and be stuck with something not right for them.

While the personal relationship is extremely important to integrating a new member with the gym and wanting to come back, allow them to move at their pace. Add a chat module to your website to allow people to ask questions – and answer them directly without pushing them to get on the phone. Focus on customer service so that they feel comfortable coming in when they’re ready.

Finally, set your facility up with management software that allows people to schedule a tour of the facility or to come in for a free class. Giving people more control over the experience will help ease the anxiety of entering a new gym for the first time.

3.    Update the Sales Process

You know that membership sales are far from the only way to increase revenue for your facility. But too many sales leads focus on driving that revenue from the moment someone has joined your gym, which can leave a sour taste in the new member’s mouth. When you close the sale for the membership, you should once again give buying power back to the member.

Tell your new member that they can browse your self-service app when they’re ready, allowing them to choose a time and trainer for a free session, join classes, buy merchandise or do anything else they need to do. If they have questions, they’ll find you – but not if they fear a sales pitch every time they ask a question. By updating your sales strategy to allow email marketing to push offers while the employees are there to be helpful, people will be much more comfortable coming to your team.


The fitness industry faces a lot of challenges when trying to balance member experience with revenue growth. By letting the team working at your fitness studio to be advocates for your brand and letting the members make purchases on their own terms, you can actually drive gym sales and customer satisfaction.

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