EZFacility Software Release: Groups in the New EZFacility Experience

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In today’s release, one of our most popular features has been reimagined within EZFacility’s new user interface. New enhancements to the Groups module will help simplify and streamline the way facilities manage teams, leagues, camps, and other group-based events. Today’s updates will allow you to filter Groups, view related and sub-Groups in a simplified grid display, and use streamlined workflows to manage Groups and registrants in fewer clicks.​​ Read on to learn more about the Groups modules and the enhancements in today’s release.

What is the Groups feature, and how is it used?

For most sports and fitness facilities, hosting teams, leagues, camps, and other group-based events is an important part of the business model. The Groups module includes a variety of tools to help create, manage, promote, and measure the success of your team and events.

Groups feature include:

  • Online registration
  • Pricing and payments
  • Waitlists
  • Sub-groups and related groups
  • Website integration through our API
  • Integration with EZLeagues for tournament schedules, rosters, and standings

Common use cases for Groups include:

  • Leagues for sports teams, college intramurals, and community rec centers
  • Tournaments for sports and competitions of various kinds (unique examples include cook-offs and video game tournaments)
  • Camps for summer sessions, weekends, and special retreats
  • One-time fitness bootcamps, special classes, or sessions
  • Clinics, training programs, and workshops
  • Special events such as birthday parties, fundraisers, or other events

Groups in the New EZFacility Experience

Today’s release brings several meaningful enhancements to Groups, including simplified workflows, improved displays, icons, filters, and more intuitive navigation.

Watch the webinar for a full tour of the new Groups features.

Get the Groups data you need—fast

When reviewing your list of Groups, you’ll now see the most important information first. We reduced the number of columns to provide the data you need without needing to scroll horizontally.

Standard data will include:

  • Group Name
  • Group Description
  • Registration Balance
  • Invoice Balance
  • Total Subgroups

If you’d like to see additional data, you can hover over the convenient tooltip icon or customize your columns to display other information.

You’ll also find quick action icons that will allow you to send an email, edit, or delete your Group.  

View related Groups in a simplified grid

The new Related Groups grid will show all of the groups with a connection to the one you are viewing—including any parent, grandparent, child, grandchild, and other related Groups that exist. This comprehensive display allows you to more easily navigate your sub-Groups to manage settings and registrants. When viewing the grid, the current Group will be bolded.

Filter and search your Groups

We’ve re-built this popular feature from EZFacility Classic to give it an upgrade in the new user interface. Simply click the filter icon to build custom views that show active, upcoming, or completed Groups.

Easily navigate to the tools you need

Effortlessly locate the tools for Online Registration, Publish to Self-Service, Publish to EZLeagues in tabs across the top of the screen within each of your Groups. In addition, you’ll find tools to copy, export, and generate Groups in the Global Dropdown within the new EZFacility Experience.

Quickly create Groups and register clients

In the New EZFacility, any time you need to create or edit an object, a consistent side panel will appear with all the fields and settings you need. Following today’s release, you can expect the same experience when you create a new Group or register a client to one of your Groups. This consistency helps speed up day-to-day tasks, while also making it easier to train and onboard new staff.

How to access to the new Groups features

If you’ve already opted in to the New EZFacility Experience, you’ll see these new Groups features automatically. If you’d like to request access, please submit a support ticket.

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