Free Weights are Here to Stay!

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With all the hype about new, top-of-the-line fitness equipment it’s easy to overlook the value of free weights.
These durable, easy to use, versatile and conveniently portable gym staples still continue to be in high demand in clubs all over the world, and they are not going anywhere.
Perhaps the largest benefit of free weights is that they can be used by virtually anyone at any fitness level. Personal trainers, group class instructors, and athletes continue to incorporate this type of equipment into their programs. While these fitness gurus are interested in adding new equipment to their repertoire, they are also finding that using equipment that clients are already used to and then developing new variations in their use goes a long way in improving client engagement and longevity.
Instead of reinventing the wheel when it comes to portable, versatile equipment, the fitness industry is working to improve on what it already has. This has resulted in different forms of free weights made of different materials. Instead of cast-iron dumbbells and kettlebells (a new favorite in recent years) manufacturers are encasing this equipment with coloured vinyl and rubber to improve grip and reduce the risk of injuries as well as damage to studio and facility floors.
A recent study indicated that there is an ever-increasing interest from club owners for commercial products that are made for high-volume use as well as versatility, meaning, this body-weight equipment can be used in conjunction with other types of programming such as cardio intervals, outdoor obstacles and races, and boot-camps.
The key takeaway here is that free weights are an ongoing trend and a great investment for clubs. They are durable, versatile, simple to use and essentially maintenance-free.

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