6 Ways to Boost Gym Revenue During Covid-19

6 Ways to Boost Gym Revenue During Covid-19

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Covid-19 is here and your gym is closed down for safety measures. So, you’ve moved classes online with various chat platforms and EZFacility’s new video library feature. But now what?

You’re absolutely right! Keeping members motivated and classes rolling are two important areas to focus on. But, you’ll still need to safeguard your long term goals. You can do this by bringing in steady revenue despite what’s going on.

In this post, we’ve put together a list of ideas that have worked for some of our other gym owners. Check them out and see if you spot anything you think might work for you too.

Discount Memberships

Don’t be afraid to temporarily discount your memberships and services right now. Especially as members make the move online with you.

It doesn’t lessen the value of your product at all. Instead, it allows members to hang on to their memberships during these uncertain financial times. It also makes sure you still have steady money coming in.

Rent Out Equipment

If you don’t want to discount your memberships just yet, you can look for enticing perks to offer up instead. One thing to offer existing members is the ability to rent out your gym equipment, for free! It could make working out from home that much easier -or enjoyable- for them. And again, it gives them an extra incentive to hang on to their membership.

Bonus Classes

While new sign-ups might be far and few between in the coming weeks, they aren’t impossible. So, don’t get discouraged.

Entice new members by offering a bonus with their sign-up.  For example, a package of 10 extra sessions that don’t include an expiration date. It’s something for them to cash in whenever things get back to normal. (And they will!)  You could also keep your referral program going strong with the same kind of idea.

Gift Certificates

Offer gift certificates that work like bonds. Meaning, whatever amount your customer chooses to purchase now can be used for higher value later.  

What this does is, it puts immediate money into your institution and keeps you going, with the promise of more worth to the customer later on. And who doesn’t want more when it comes to the gym? More classes, more personal sessions, and more merchandise? Yes, please!

Private Video Calls / 1-on-1 Sessions

Speaking of personal training sessions, another thing you can offer is private video calls. You’re likely already streaming free sessions to spark interest for new members and regular classes for existing members. So, how about tossing some 1-on-1 time into the mix for an additional fee?

These are just some of the ideas you can use to continue bringing money to your gym. Have you tried any yet? Let us know what’s been working for you.

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