3 Ideas for Turning Your Gym Virtual During Covid-19

3 Ideas for Turning Your Gym Virtual During Covid-19

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The Covid-19 pandemic is continuing to spread throughout the country, and the world. Each day, more and more businesses are temporarily closing their doors; Among them are gyms.

Social distancing might be one of our best chances of slowing the spread of the virus. But that doesn’t make the upheaval to daily routines any less irritating. Dedicated gym-goers are looking for ways to maintain a sense of normality.

Everyone knows the gym is about way more than physical benefits. It’s about the social and emotional ones as well. So, how do you keep your members moving and connected during this stressful time? The answer is by utilising the wonderful world wide web.

That’s right- the Coronavirus may have taken our toilet paper but it didn’t take our streaming networks. And it doesn’t have to take your muscle tone or fitness community either. For the time being, consider virtually running your gym with these tips.

Live Sessions

You can take the members out of the gym but you can’t take the gym out of the members! That means, your members should have no problem following you to an online setting for the time being. Especially since almost every household owns at least one computer or mobile device. They can easily jump on for a class and will likely be eager to do so. All you have to do is set one up and announce it across your social media and emails.

If you aren’t sure where to start, there are a ton of platforms available to you. Google Hangouts, Zoom, Discord, Skype and Facebook Live are all good options.

Skype is good for a more intimate class number. Google Hangouts and Zoom each have the ability to accommodate 100 people and more. Discord is perfect for running many channels and classes at the same time. Facebook Live is great when you want to share quick tips, moves or announcements but don’t need to see your audience. The rest let you interact with them.

Pre-Recorded Sessions

In addition to live classes, consider offering pre-recorded lessons too. Nobody knows for sure how long this situation will last. It’s upsetting, we know! But, preparing material for users to access whenever they like could be a real lifesaver. Your members will appreciate having extra workouts at their fingertips to keep their minds and bodies busy.

If you’ve been thinking of creating a Youtube channel, here’s your opportunity. You can choose to give clients exclusive access or leave your videos open to the public. Opening them up for all viewers could lead to a larger following and potential new member sign-ups when you get back inside your gym.

Blog Tips

Startup a blog or vlog where you can talk about anything you feel is interesting and relevant to the times. Things like tips and tricks for how to get moving with limited home space and supplies or, how to keep your body fueled with what’s in your pantry.

Another idea is to line up some beginner tutorials for anyone looking to safely test out a new indoor exercise such as yoga or dance. A lot of people are interested in learning something new but don’t normally have the time to do so. However, right now almost everyone is at home and able to learn.

Gym owners, we know you can’t wait for things to get back to normal and to be operating from your gyms. In the meantime, we wish you every success in making the most of the current situation. Check back for more updates!

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