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EZFacility Software Release: EZPayments Launches in the UK, Smartwaiver Updates

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Today’s release launches a new payment processing solution to EZFacility’s clients in the UK, along with updates to our Smartwaiver integration for improved document management. More than ever before, sports and fitness businesses are operating in a digital world—from virtual classes to mobile booking to digital waivers. As the industry evolves, our development team is hard at work building the tools you need to adapt and grow in this ever-changing landscape.

EZPayments Launches in the UK

EZFacility is delighted to announce the launch of our next-generation payment processing solution, EZPayments, in the United Kingdom. With the deadline for Strong Customer Authentication just around the corner on 14th March 2022, we’ve leveraged the newest technology to give you the most secure and seamless way to process payments.

In addition to complying with the latest security standards, EZPayments integrates with your EZFacility software to make it easier than ever to track and manage your payments. This allows businesses to streamline payment processing while guaranteeing security and improving the customer experience—all for a competitive rate.

Currently, EZPayments is only available in the United Kingdom. To learn more about switching to EZPayments, please contact our team today

What Is Strong Customer Authentication?

On 14th March 2022, the way businesses process e-commerce payments will change. New rules, referred to as Strong Customer Authentication (SCA), will enhance payment security and limit fraud through a mandatory authentication process.

The rules will apply whenever a payer:

  • initiates an electronic payment transaction 
  • accesses their payment account online
  • carries out any action remotely that may imply a risk of payment fraud, unless an exemption applies

Thanks to compliance with new SCA standards, EZPayments will offer EZFacility’s UK clients the safest, most secure way to process payments. 

Smartwaiver in the New EZFacility Experience

EZFacility’s integration withSmartwaiver is the latest feature to join the New EZFacility Experience. Now, users can manage digital membership documents, contracts, and waivers built with Smartwaiver from within EZFacility’s new user interface.

Smartwaiver provides customizable digital waivers and releases that can be signed at your location or online from any computer, tablet, or mobile device. Turn your tablet into a dedicated waiver signing station with Smartwaiver’s free kiosk apps for iPad and Android.

With the EZFacility + Smartwaiver integration, if a new or existing member signs your waiver, the member will be created or updated in the EZFacility database, saving your staff time. Get in touch to learn more.

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