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EZFacility’s New UI Experience Is Here

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In case you haven’t already heard the big news—we’re excited to share that we’re rolling out a major user interface (UI) redesign! Featuring a responsive, modern design across devices, EZFacility’s new UI offers an intuitive edge and solution to workflow challenges fitness businesses have been struggling to address since the Coronavirus pandemic upended the industry in 2020. And our latest investment doesn’t end with design—the upgrade also includes a new hosting partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS), the world’s largest cloud computing provider.

Responding to the Fitness Industry’s Changing Needs

By now, we’ve all seen the extent to which COVID-19 has disrupted the fitness industry—from the physical landscape where people work out to the needs and expectations consumers have regarding how fitness businesses should package and deliver products and services. To address these new challenges, we chose to invest more heavily into technology in order to create an all-in-one, seamless solution that addresses our customers’ unique operational needs.

“Many of our users are on-the-go admins who rely on our software to provide time-saving solutions. The latest interface updates are fully responsive, require fewer clicks to accomplish tasks, and are packaged into a clean, intuitive dashboard. This helps ensure we continue to lead from the front and provide our clients with the tools they need to excel in a new landscape,” says Bryant Strozinsky, President of EZFacility.

What’s in EZFacility’s New UI?

The UI redesign carries over the same functionality users are familiar with while also introducing simplified processes and expanded capabilities. Key benefits of EZFacility’s new user interface include: 

  • Streamlined workflows help you complete daily tasks faster. Plus, training new staff will be easier than ever. 
  • Lightning-fast speeds. Technology upgrades ensure that your software moves as fast as you do and is always available when you need it. 
  • Unlimited storage, thanks to our partnership with Amazon Web Services—the world’s largest cloud computing provider.
  • Responsive design that gives you the best experience on every device. 

To see all the updates, watch a tour of EZFacility’s new UI

Supercharge Your Productivity with Intuitive Design 

EZFacility’s new UI introduces design elements intended to reduce clicks, decrease admin time, and boost productivity. For instance, the convenient slide-out navigation menu allows users to access popular tools when needed and to hide the menu when not in use. Similarly, an editing pane appears whenever you need to make changes to a client profile, membership, or package, providing a consistent experience throughout the software. 

“Consistency makes the software more user-friendly, which means it’s easier for new staff and users to learn,” explained Greg Barra, EZFacility’s Support and Training Manager. “This is great news for managers and admin who can spend less time on software training and more time running their businesses.” 

For instructions on how to use the latest features and functionality, see our collection of user guides for the New EZFacility Experience

Technology Upgrades for Speed and Reliability

The transition to Amazon Web Services prioritizes client data security and increases site speed, with AWS boasting a reliable 99% uptime rate. 

“With built-in, unlimited storage capacity our clients can spend more time building out their operations without worrying about typical associated costs. Moving forward with AWS puts our development team in an excellent position to incorporate cutting-edge tools and integrations like Machine Learning into our software in the future,” adds Michael Vidal, Director of Research and Development at EZFacility.

How to Access Facility’s New UI

All new and current EZFacility clients will have access to the latest interface beginning in 2021. For additional information about our new UI or to schedule a personalized product tour, please request a demo with one of our specialists. 

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