Texas A&M University to Renovate Student Rec Center

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Teas A&M University is launching a renovation of its student recreation center in a project expected to total $54 million. The refurbished center, nicknamed “The Rec,” will increase from 300,000 square feet to 413,000 square feet. The overhaul will result in more weight-room space and a two-court gymnasium expansion. New multipurpose activity rooms will be added, with renovations also planned for the Rec’s swimming pools and related equipment and areas.
In addition to the new construction, 56,000 square feet of existing space will be overhauled and a new outdoor plaza will be added, along with a new second entrance and a lighting retrofit. Funding for the project will come from revenue bonds supported by the university’s recreational sports fee.
“A renovation like this is a major undertaking for a university,” says Tracey Keates, President of EZFacility, a Woodbury, New York–based gym management software developer. “It shows a commitment to student health and enjoyment, as well as to state-of-the-art facility operation. It will be exciting to see the final product.”
The university’s recreation center opened in 1995, and this will be the facility’s first major renovation since then. In the ensuing time, Texas A&M’s student body has increased by 25 percent.