High-Tech Scale Revolutionizes Fitness Assessment

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Fit3D, the developers of innovative body imaging technology, recently launched their new product that is set to take the field of fitness assessment to the next level. The ProScanner allows the user to see beyond the pounds as they work to achieve their fitness goals.
According to Club Solutions, an industry leading fitness magazine, the high-tech measuring system scans the user’s entire body and provides accurate feedback about their fitness progress with a 3D model. The results identify elements that cannot be seen with a common weight scale, such as muscle development, BMI, increased endurance, etc. Ultimately, the state of the art scale allows clients to visually see progress.
“This really is the next evolution of fitness assessment.” said Joseph Rossi of EZFacility, a gym management software provider located in Woodbury, New York. “Many gym goers lose motivation either from not seeing immediate results or losing track of their progress. However, technology like the ProScanner solves both of these problems. Providing the ability to visualize physiological changes within the body will serve as a strong motivator for gym members to continue their routine.”
Fitness assessment is being taken to new heights with emerging technologies that provide further insight and analysis of the human body. It is these high-tech and innovative advancements that will keep members in the gym, and provide instruction as they seek to achieve their fitness desires.