Acquisition of Two New Clubs Indicates Growth for California Family Fitness

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California Family Fitness, Orangevale, CA, acquired two new clubs this month. The company took over Alhambra Athletic Club and Riverside Athletic Club, in Sacramento, CA, renaming them California Family Fitness Midtown Club and California Family Fitness Greenhaven Club, respectively.
The club also announced the opening of a new 32,000-square-foot downtown Sacramento club, bringing its total number of clubs to 18.
“It’s exciting to see a small club growing so rapidly,” said NAME TK, TITLE TK, of EZFacility, a health club management software developer in Woodbury, New York. “Such expansion shows that there’s room for development in the industry, and that, even in a tight economy, facilities can flourish.”
Randy Karr, president of California Family Fitness, said in a statement, “California Family Fitness is excited to expand our footprint and serve a new member base in the heart of Sacramento. We are committed to providing our members with state-of-the-art equipment, popular programs, and activities in a convenient, fun, and friendly environment.”
Last year, the company’s founders, Larry Gury and Russ Kuhn, sold almost $100 million worth of their real estate portfolio, aiming to use the money from the sale to build more clubs.