Keeping your customers engaged over the Holiday period

As we all know it’s that time of the year again… the new John Lewis advert is out, Holiday decorations are starting to appear, endless rounds of winter-themed parties have been booked, stock piling up on chocolate, mince pies and turkey. It’s a 2-week period where the diet goes out the window and pounds pile on.

The Holiday period is normally time where people lack the motivation, focus and sometimes cash to dedicate to their training programmes/schedule. The festivities and the over indulgence of food is far more appealing than waking up at 7am going to the gym and squatting 100kg for 5 sets of 8.

It is fairly common to see a high dropout rate around this time with some members cancelling to re-start in January. They normally write off a whole month due to their poor eating choices and lack of motivation to do any exercise. Of course, if gym goers are over indulging on chocolate, turkey, and mulled wine, they will find it difficult to get back into their routine and find the motivation to crush their set goals.

So, what is there to do?

We all know that exercise routines will be compromised by certain events but by having regular communication with your clients they will build up a positive mind-set to eat healthy, exercise properly and won’t forget their fitness goals.

It is important that gyms must show their clients that the festive period can be a time where you don’t put your routine or exercise on hold. It can be carefully incorporated into their holiday schedule. The lead of up to the holidays, gyms or sport facilities must have a plan in place to keep their clients engaged and motivated to go to the gym. A plan in place for clients can show them that exercise around this period can be still enjoyable, rewarding, and motivating at the same time.

Regularly communicating with your clients on social media will make them less likely to cancel their memberships. Responding to queries from your customers via social media is a great way to boost your online reputation. It’s a huge advantage to you because your customers are creating a new way connect with new clients and who will see what your customers have got to say.

Exclusive offers such as membership and class discounts, holiday training programmes and flexible contract options are some fantastic options to promote to your clients and to entice new customers into your gym. Whether their goal is to lose weight, pack on muscle or simply making new friends, it is important to make them feel appreciated.

If your gym has a website where you promote your memberships, classes and packages, create a holiday landing page to drive traffic. It will add fun and holiday whimsy while encouraging your clients to browse your website longer and to buy a membership—or two! Having an attractive and appealing website over the holiday period will allow you to able to reach new customers, promote your brand awareness, obtain information on new buyers, and fast track communication between yourself and your customers.

One benefit that doesn’t cost your gym anything is retraining your staff members. Over the course of the holiday period you may receive a bundle of enquiries regarding memberships, classes, PT or packages. Make sure your staff members have the knowledge to be able to answer any queries that may get thrown at them in the moment. Be sure your staff members are aware of the different types of memberships, advising your clients what the best membership they should purchase depending on their fitness goals, keeping track on classes, being able to know what classes are full and what classes have spaces. It’s also important that staff be able to explain what makes your facility stand out from competitors, informing your leads with why they should join your gym and what the benefits are.

These tips are simple to implement yet will provide powerful results. Through these small steps your clients will stay engaged over the holiday period as well as go a long way towards maintaining, and hopefully increasing, your membership numbers.

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