EZFacility Partners With Brivo To Offer 24-Hour Sports & Fitness Access

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Software Integration Enables EZFacility To Offer Customers Safe, Round-The-Clock Access.
Bethpage, NY (July 20, 2011) – Brivo Systems LLC, leader in Software as a Service applications for security management, today announced that EZFacility has joined the Brivo Technology Partnership program and can now offer their health, fitness, and sports facility customers 24-hour controlled security access for their club members.
EZFacility, a division of Jonas Software, Inc., is a global leader in cloud-based scheduling, management and membership software, as well as billing and financial services for health and fitness clubs and numerous other fitness and sports-based businesses.
“We are very excited to be a part of this partnership, as we are continuously searching for these types of collaborations to increase the value of our product for our growing customer base. Working with Brivo will open up a whole new realm of possibilities for both current and prospective clients, and is in line with what we see as an important piece of EZFacility’s future,” commented Adam Zeitsiff, Chief Executive Officer of EZFacility.
The EZFacility-Brivo integration, which provides 24-hour access capability, is made possible by Brivo’s DataSync Application Programming Interface (API). The DataSync API allows different systems to exchange data from “cloud to cloud” so they can “understand” one another and seamlessly share data. Sports and fitness facility owners are now able to use their EZFacility software exclusively as a single point of data entry to more effectively and efficiently manage members’ access privileges to a facility.
This means club management no longer has to key in membership information in one system, only to have to access a different system and do it all again—saving time and money, and reducing the risk of data entry errors. Owners can easily stay up to date on the physical security status of their facilities, with the added advantage of setting up a notification rule to e-mail or send a text message when the facility is accessed by anyone outside of daytime business hours or when no staff are present.
The integrated offering enables EZFacility’s customers to increase revenues, cut costs, and most importantly, provide members with a better customer experience and higher satisfaction. In addition to expanding facility hours and reducing data entry time and errors, Brivo’s managed access provides strict facility entry management by preventing authorized EZFacility users from entering with their valid card and then “passing” the card back to an unauthorized user. Client information stored with EZFacility, such as names, dates, times of entry, etc., are automatically transferred to a facility owner’s Brivo system without manual intervention, so management no longer has to hassle with constantly clicking an external utility to update or sync accounts—data is transferred immediately. This integration is compatible with all of Brivo’s offerings, including ACS WebService™, ACS OnSite™, and OnSite Aparato™.
EZFacility customers can also define and control access for their members to specific areas such as swimming pools, daycare rooms, tanning beds, and spa areas while monitoring each entrance to a specific area through video feeds from either integrated DVRs or Brivo’s affordable hosted video option, OVR WebService™. Integrated video and access control empowers owners and managers to monitor and “see” who enters a facility, where they are going and when—making sure only valid members access the facility while recording all entry and exit data in an accessible database for monitoring and running reports.
For more information on the Brivo Online Access Control System, contact Brivo toll–free at 1-866-692-7486, option 1 or email [email protected]. To view a demo, visit www.brivo.com/demo.

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