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EZFacility API Services

Keep clients and staff fully informed by sharing data between your EZFacility platform and website or applications in real-time with our API services.

What is an API?

API stands for “Application Programming Interface.” An API is a software-to-software connection that enables two or more applications to communicate and pass data between one another. APIs serve as an access point to enable organisations to extract and share data back and forth in an accessible manner. It is not a database to store information.

APIs also allow sites to alter data on other applications they are communicating with. Here’s an everyday example of an API at work:

You’ve probably seen “Share on Facebook” or “Share on Twitter” buttons on various online articles. When you click one of these buttons, the site you’re visiting communicates with your Facebook or Twitter account and will alter its data by adding a new status or tweet.

See, you’ve been using APIs and not even realising it!

Why Use an API?

An API allows you to build dynamic applications with rich and powerful user interfaces without starting from scratch. Data can be used quickly, easily and efficiently when you are looking to perform a specific function with the information. On top of that, your business’ information stays current since the API allows data to communicate in real-time with EZFacility and vice versa.

Using our API services, you can display your facility’s EZFacility schedule on your website immediately and without having to re-enter information, allow clients to book a session or register for a class without ever leaving your website, and much more. Any sessions scheduled or services purchased will be transferred and updated on the corresponding platform – depending on where information is initially entered. This way neither you nor your staff have to input data twice, saving both time and frustration.


About EZFacility’s RESTful API
(The Technical Stuff)

Simply put, EZFacility’s APIs lets developers integrate EZFacility data into your website or applications. Available EZFacility APIs include a Clients API, Sessions/Reservations API, Bookings API, POS API, EZLeagues API and more. All of which allow you to share real-time scheduling, billing, client profile updates, waivers, and more with your clients to keep them informed.

To use the API, you need to provide application credentials, known as the Client ID and Client Secret. They can be found in your Developer Portal. You also need to provide credentials of the user on whose behalf you will perform API calls.

Once successfully authenticated, you will receive a bearer token, which should then be passed to every API call from that point on.

EZFacility API uses the OAuth2 Resource Owner Password Credentials Flow.

Please use the following link to review our API docs:

Fear not—We’ll help walk you through what you need to get started with our API integrations.