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EZFacility Launches Fully Integrated Card Machine Service

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Since the dawn of the digital age, a key reason for using technology has always been to make things simpler. A major sector that has been transformed by this sentiment is how we collect payments for our goods and services. When technology evolves in this area, it is essential that businesses evolve with it.

From cheques and cash to entirely contactless payments, the goal is to provide clients with current solutions to age-old procedures. In that regard, EZFacility has once again partnered with Clover to bring a fully integrated card machine payments service to EZPayments users.

What is EZPayments?

The security of our hard-earned money is a high priority for everyone.

The Finance Conduct Authority in the UK started to design ways to prioritize the security of customers. This new security meant those with Payment methods online needed to ensure their side was as secure and up to date.

EZFacility went on a journey to find a Merchant Processing Partner to work with us to create the best secure Processing system.

Clover was a match, and thus EZPayments was born in March 2022. Both of our Teams worked together to ensure our systems were compatible, and successfully built in the new security for our clients.

What Does EZPayments do that the old Merchant Processor couldn’t?

EZPayments protects your client’s payments by keeping all payment details safe. With EZPayments, it is possible to put a refund through the system and return money to clients without having to update both EZFacility and your Merchant Processor’s Portal.

EZPayments enables you to refund your clients straight from EZFacility. Additionally, when you refund a client, the system knows that it needs to leave 24 hours from when the payment was originally taken. This extra time to clear through the banks means you don’t have to go between all the systems to check, giving you back time to focus on other areas of your business.

Understanding the fully integrated card machine service

One thing we have been asked is “When can I add a PDQ machine to the system to be able to take face-to-face payments?”

First of all,

What is a PDQ Machine?

PDQ stands for Process Data Quickly, these are more commonly known as Chip and Pin Machines or Card Readers.

With the new PDQ machines, you will now be able to accept payments via:

  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • All major debit & credit cards

When can I start using my PDQ machine?

Once your Clover Flex Terminal is set up and integrated into your EZFacility system you can start taking payments through the card machine straight away.

How do I get a PDQ machine?

First, you will need to already have EZPayments set up. Then you can get in touch with our support team here in the UK and we can inform Clover on your behalf. The machine will then be sent straight to you.

You will need to do a few things to get the machine fully connected to your system but have no fear, our support team can assist you along the way so that you are fully integrated and ready to go.

What Next?

I don’t have EZFacility:

If you aren’t already using our system and want to know what else it can do, why not book a Live Online demonstration with one of our Product Specialists? https://www.ezfacility.co.uk/request-demo/

I do have EZFacility:

If your location is already set up with us, we can action a referral for a Clover Flex card machine. Just reach out to our support team at [email protected]